SINCE 2011

Established in 2011, Troowin engages in the research and manufacturing of core parts, stacks and systems of fuel cells. As an expert in the fuel cell sector, Troowin has comprehensively mastered the core technologies of hydrogen fuel cells. The ability of design and development of fuel cell stacks allows Troowin to cooperate with manufacturers of end products according to the nature of applications in the market to sell and provide technical services for stacks and systems.

Since its establishment, Troowin has formed a R&D team of energy + gas + fuel cell led by first-class experts at home and abroad, and has cooperated with scientific research institutions and universities in terms of industry, academia, research and application. Up to now, it has applied for more than 230 patents and been granted more than 160 patents, has led or participated in the formulation of more than 20 standards at home and abroad.

Troowin has developed three major product and service systems of fuel cell core components and stacks, systems, and solutions, and the power output of a single stack covering 400W~180kW. It can provide products and industrial solutions for automobiles, vessels, power supplies, small power, cogeneration and other fields, and has established cooperation relationships with China Mobile, State Grid, China Energy Engineering Corporation, Yunnei Power, Dongfeng Motor, CM Energy, King Long, Tielong Commuter and other enterprises to continuously promote the industrial and commercial operation of fuel cells.

Development History
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  • 2024/3

    The first hydrogen demonstration line of Hubei Expressway provided with hydrogen by TROOWIN has been launched

  • 2024/3

    Awarded as an Outstanding Enterprise in Scientific and Technological Innovation in China Auto Valley 2023

  • 2024/2

    The Daye project led by TROOWIN has been approved as a national level hydrogen energy project (the first and only one in Hubei)

  • 2023/11

    Strategic cooperation with CM Energy

  • 2023/4

    Awarded as a backup "Golden Seed" enterprise for listing in Hubei Province

  • 2023/3

    Won the title of SRDI Enterprise

  • 2023/3

    Won the title of Wuhan Science and Technology Leading Enterprise (the only one in the field of hydrogen energy)

  • 2023/1

    The first cogeneration system was delivered to the State Grid's national key R&D project

  • 2023/1

    Strategic cooperation with Yunnei,and establish a joint venture - Heyuan New Energy

  • 2022/12

    50 hydrogen-powered commuter buses in operation

  • 2022/9

    Approved as the first ( only ) hydrogen fuel cell stack engineering research center in Hubei

  • 2022/7

    Strategic cooperation with Xiamen Jinlong, signing an order for 200 hydrogen energy vehicles

  • 2022/7

    Cooperated with CEEC to jointly build the Lanzhou Hydrogen Energy Industrial Park

  • 2022/4

    Facilitate the online operation of 14 hydrogen energy buses in Wuhan

  • 2021/4

    Won the honor of Wuhan excellent high-tech enterprise in 2021-2022

  • 2022/3

    Strategic cooperation with State Grid energy efficiency Corporation

  • 2022/3

    Won the 2021 China Auto Valley talent recruitment and talent introduction excellent enterprise

  • 2022/2

    Passed iatf16949 automobile quality management system certification

  • 2022/1

    Won the 2021 industry application case Award

  • 2021/12

    Obtained the certification of informatization and industrialization integration management system of the MIIT

  • 2021/11

    Established a Hubei graduate workstation

  • 2021/8

    Listing of Skywell vehicles equipped with Troowin products in the Catalogue of Recommended Models for the Promotion and Application of New Energy Vehicles issued by MIIT

  • 2021/3

    Established a talent cultivation base with WUT

  • 2021/1

    Commercial operation of the first hydrogen station

  • 2021/1

    Obtained the first certificate for marine hydrogen fuel cell in China

  • 2020/1

    Commercial running of the first batch of commuter cars equipped with Troowin's fuel cell engine

  • 2020/9

    Established the Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technical Center with HUST

  • 2020/9

    Listing of Geely cars equipped with Troowin products in the Catalogue of Recommended Models for the Promotion and Application of New Energy Vehicles issued by MIIT

  • 2020/12

    Accredited as a provincial enterprise technical center

  • 2019/5

    Obtained the first certificate for fuel cell powertrains for drones in China

  • 2019/8

    Listing of Xiamen Golden Dragon cars equipped with Troowin products in the Catalogue of Recommended Models for the Promotion and Application of New Energy Vehicles issued by MIIT

  • 2019/1

    Product delivery to Dongfeng and China General Nuclear Power

  • 2019/10

    Commencement of production of Jingzhou Company Phase 1 in October

  • 2018/10

    Listing of Dongfeng and Sunlong cars equipped with Troowin products in the Catalogue of Recommended Models for the Promotion and Application of New Energy Vehicles issued by MIIT

  • 2017/11

    Installation of the second generation of 30 kW vehicle fuel cell powertrains on cars, and completion of a 20,000 km road running test

  • 2016/12

    Accredited as national hi-tech enterprise

  • 2016/7

    Installation of the first generation of vehicle fuel cell powertrain on FAW K38 series

  • 2016/5

    A 4h33min non-stop flight of a drone with Troowin's hydrogen fuel cell (a world record)

  • 2015/9

    Delivery of hydrogen fuel cell powertrains of the first generation

  • 2015/5

    Successful trial flight of the first multirotor drone with hydrogen fuel cell

  • 2014/12

    Successful trial flight of the first fixed wing drone with hydrogen fuel cell

  • 2014/1

    Launched the second generation of fuel cell backup power systems

  • 2013/11

    Launched the first generation of fuel cell backup power systems

  • 2012/

    Launched the technical platform for liquid-cooled and air-cooled stack modules

  • 2011/6


Enterprise Culture
Corporate mission

To have more people enjoy the benefits of clean and efficient energies

Corporate vision

To become one of the world’s leaders in the clean energy field. To create values for the society

  • Attentively

    In Troowin, we work hard and earnestly
  • Innovation

    Only by staying innovative, can we survive in today's rapidly changing business world
  • Passion

    We are proud of Troowin's products and services, and we are passionate about the industry
  • Trust

    Trust is very important to building sound working relationships and strategic partnerships
  • Team

    Teamwork is the cornerstone of any great achievement