Who we are
How we operate
The Centro Italiano per le Arti e la Cultura is a cultural non-profit association, born in 1995, that bases its existence on the democratically expressed will from his associates.
The association collaborates in the realization of art exhibitions and events with public and private cultural institutions, associations and foundations both in Italy and abroad to pursue its own institutional aims and the related organizations.
The Centro Italiano per la Arti e la Cultura means to contribute to the cultural and civil development of the citizens and to the spread of the solidarity in the human relationships, in particular defending, valuing and promoting the historical, cultural and artistic landscaped heritage both Italian and European .
Furthermore, it aims helping the Italian artists favouring the free search, stimulating the professional growth, encouraging the widest knowledge of their works both in Italy and in the foreign countries.
The Centro Italiano per le Arti e la Cultura takes care, in particular, of the realization of aid programs diversified for events, publishing trade, education programmes and restoration, from the most strategic ones and about planning to the most organizational ones like:
- the conception, the planning and the realization of exhibitions and events on classic and contemporary art, photography, fashion, design, etc.
- the optimization of the cultural investments through tourist-cultural planning and institutional and industrial sponsorships
- the planning and realization of marketing for museums
All this within the activities contemplated by the Statute and aimed on its purpose.
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